Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fractured Clarity

Fractured Clarity

through the weekend window
scenery blurred in shadowed haze
society’s harsh edges
faded to grey…
I saw mirrors....
mirrors upon mirrors...
suspended before my eyes...
each revealing a different image....
images that blurred
and changed before my startled cries....
my eyes brim with tears
and carry in them
 a melancholy that is unfathomable....

I find myself
down a labyrinthine tunnel
of veiled complexities…
entering the twilight zone
of my existence
a realm of deep profundity
I have never dared
to probe…
thoughts profound
in their simplicity
chant a primal mantra
too intense for my soul
to grasp….

debilitating reasoning
encumbers free thought
as all prior knowledge
into meaningless
under the onslaught
of such philosophical abstrusity …

I hear the very universe
hold its breath
willing me to seize
a shard of fractured clarity
almost daring me to run with it
to the end of time…

but clarity drifts
in obscure whispers
beyond my perception
a profound premise
forever beyond
my mind…..

 9:50 PM

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