Friday, March 9, 2012

Another Sunset Alone

Art by Sharonlee©9-Mar-12

Another Sunset Alone

watching another sun… set
does not diminish its beauty…
… pastel shades merge with sunset hues
as birds on their homeward flight
glide with joyous abandon
before the measured sinking of the night…

feather-light breezes
heavily drenched with traffic fumes
and ocean- spray… soft hints of fragrant blooms
hugging softly to branch & winking flowers & supple skin….
… like a lovers touch it clings
before whispering  away …

voices drift to my window as I gaze out
family voices raised in anger and in joy
mundane snatches of conversation rise on the air
on the way to the office…. what’s for tea… I hate homework!

And I smile at the once familiar sounds and scenes of families
living and working and dreaming their dreams…
…once that was me…

somewhere someone is frying onions… a hint of garlic too
aromas drift around me, pungent… sweet…
faint traces of star anise blend softly in the air
with drifts of sandalwood incense …
… in the stillness the fragrances linger like a memory…

behind a mountain of thunderheads the sun sank, unseen
no more than a hazy aura clinging to the edge of clouds…
 but watching another sun… set
does not diminish its beauty…
and in the still silence that followed
I gave thanks for another day;