Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Thousand Kisses Deep

And sometimes when the night is slow, The wretched and the meek, We gather up our hearts and go, A Thousand Kisses Deep. Cohen
Bottom of Form

I’d say thank you to the two poets whose lines (in italic) are featured in this write...
... Gentlemen, thank you both... your words move me deeply

A Thousand Kisses Deep

In the midnight hours
when silence reigns supreme
and I lie lost and restless
devoid of peaceful dreams
when only lonely souls
wander the darkened city streets
the words of a poet
come back to haunt my sleep...

“and sometimes when the night is slow
the wretched and the meek
we gather up our hearts and go
a thousand kisses deep...”

when I’m caught by utter loneliness
invisible to the rest of humanity
unnoticed and in need
of some honest company
when time and tears and fantasies
are all that’s left inside of me
the words of a poet
come back to set me free...

..I dream of you...
and as these tears so slowly fall -
just because... I can...
...I dream of you...

the soul-words of these poets
come back to sooth my sleep
...I dream of you...
a thousand kisses deep...
12:24 AM


  1. The smoothness of your makes this a soul-tugging verse. I very much enjoyed this, Sharonlee. We seem to dream much alike. :) I hope I get to read more of you as time permits. Thanks for pointing me here.

  2. Dear friend, Paolo.... hello and welcome.... and thank you for your thoughts....

  3. wow...this is lovely...evocative...anf felt...and love how it just feels so natural as well as i read...great piece....

  4. It breathes..and I love the repetition of "a thousand kisses deep" ;)

  5. Hello Kathy... many warm thanks.

    Peace & Blessed Be