Thursday, January 27, 2011

Written for A Dante's 'Inferno' Challenge....

Nine Ways Down

Oh how I knew
this treacherous
heart of mine
would do me no good
and still... I let it rule me
how I wish I could just cut it out
and serve it for tea....

deception at its lowest ebb
fills even the deceiver
with thoughts of dread
for where goest I now
but  further down deceptions path
where the inevitable end
looms fast....

I cannot stay my hand
now violence is raised
there is no peace
if there is no praise
there is no reason
no love to be gained
for violence is my name....

what is heresy to some
when all minds differ
and different hearts believe
what their hearts believe...
what is truth, trust, deceit
if we all believe in good over evil
and will not rest until harmony
is complete...

Oh what bad breeder
anger is
both mother and father
of anger bred
anger begetting anger
vicious circle
that never ends
until all are dead...

...and what sense this
that some
in richness live
while others
others die
in the streets
from cold and hunger...
what sense this... indeed...

Crapulous opulence...
eating until vomit rises
in waves of foul bile
from distorted bellies
and turn a blind eye
as you order desert...
a blind eye and fat choked heart
to those who hunger
one warm cooked meal....

Not love.... on no
I was arrogant
to admit it face to face
not love, dear
lust.... Lust...
I lust after your
that firm flesh
not love... never love...

After playing with treachery
and dallying in Fraud & Violence
and even heresy
I spent some time embroiled in
Anger, greed and gluttony
... I thought lust would be my friend
But that did not end
.... well....
And now.... now I find myself
In limbo
That land of certain madness
And await... whatever is my fate...
28/01/2011 1:18 PM

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