Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Truth

My Truth

within myself
this life I live
not suited
to my heart and soul

the people… my friends
live within the system
it’s their way of coping
…of living…
16 years of friendship
and yet
so different are we
no soul-connection
… no affinity…

they do not have poetic spirits
have never truly understood
that  ‘side of me’
they have no desire to read
what I write
how little they understand
that the poetry in me
is more than a side
…more than a facet or phase …
it is me…

there is no affinity
in my day to day life
no synergy…
forced to live
within the system
I retreat… solitary
within myself
this life doesn’t
my heart and soul…
6/2/2011 10:25 AM

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