Thursday, November 17, 2011

He Said…. Trust the Dreams

Hello all...I have always been fascinated by the writings of Kahil Gibran.... but this time the words took me in a whole other direction....

Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.
Kahil Gibran
He Said…. Trust the Dreams

trust the dreams…he said -
but my dreams seem so unreachable, simple tho they be
tainted with nightmare shades that threaten to follow me to end-of-days
trust the dreams, he said, in them is the hidden gate to eternity….

The hidden gate to eternity lies in an unknown zone
shrouded behind doubt and pain… and shadows
that lurk in memories murk
haunting the peripheries of summer dreams
unravelling plans & day-dream-schemes
and seemingly always beyond hearts reach
eternity lies with white bones bleached
and forever hidden behind a gate
that will not open for me….

trust the dreams…he said -
- but I say NO!
trust this day & ones that follow
trust the ones that went before…
… don’t waste time with hidden dreams
and images that ring hollow…
live life now while it’s yours to live
learn the lessons that living gives
love with an open heart
… forgive with an open soul
don’t wait for hidden gates to unlock
for tomorrow the bells may toll…

…and what then –
- will the tolling of bells
reveal eternity’s gate…?
or will you wake to the realization
that in the search for dreams & eternity
you left living too late…
trust the dreams…he said -
I say…. live life
and dreams will happen….

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