Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trailing Tangents & Delusions of Nirvana - A Ramble

Trailing Tangents & Delusions of Nirvana - A Ramble

I have been besieged
 by ‘life-thoughts’ lately…
What am I doing?
Where am I going?
 Who am I?
Who do I want to be?
 What is the purpose of this life?
Can I love again?
Is it ok to finally live without pain?
… the sort of thoughts
 that lead one to epiphanies door
but withholds the key….

I answer each probing question
as honestly as I can…
I am living
Wherever life takes me
I am me… Me
A healing blessing to all I meet
purpose? hmmmm
to live life with authenticity
yes… yes…and yes….

but those are cryptic answers –
- am I more confused now
then I was at 22? 32? 16?
perhaps… but I know more now
feel more now…
… understand more…

I think the best thing one can do
for oneself
is to just let it all go….
… the preconceived ideas
the pain… sorrow…soul-sapping ache
the bruises that mar ones spirit…
let it all go….

so, I may not be loved by a partner
not know that warm & tender certainty
when I gaze into eyes that gaze at me…
… but I have known it
and  I have learn’t to love myself
…my friends love me
(and I love them)
and that is more than some
realise they have….

I will not bring comfort & solace
strength & peace
to this world
but I love all
without agenda
or thought to race creed religion gender
sub-culture political preference football/soccer team….
or any of the predetermined prejudices
instilled into each generation…

I think somewhere along the way
many eons ago
the evolving human race
came to a crossroad
and ventured down the wrong path…
…we are children of the Earth
and as such have become
clouded by issues of status
we react to artificial stimuli
and respond in kind….

our freedom and independence
is buried under a paper-pile mountain
of ordinances regulations rules
sanctions that do not safeguard the everyday man woman & child
but rather protect those selfsame
law makers who dine with law-twisters
defend their right to kickbacks & pay rises
gazillion dollar deals
that jeopardize
  the ethical & spiritual fabric
of all humanity….

…perhaps at some point in the future
enough people will rise as one
and lift their voice
to blind bureaucrats in ivy covered ivory towers
the offspring of today’s Pontius Pilates…
… but that day will not come
if we of the now
put down our pens
silence our voices
and close our hearts
simply because
it feels too hard
because we a tired
… we are jaded…

I believe
that  the power to change
is in our hands…
… we could be the catalyst
that creates a shift in spiritual awareness
the founding stone
for a new future…
if we have the courage
to share & sing & educate…
the courage to reach out
with love & conviction

…and if we are not a whisper
of future strength & unity
at least we know
we lived life well;

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