Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Encounter 1979

Encounter 1979

midnight in Melbourne

the gritty city

a slow-motion


unfolding around her…

no one knows her name

lost … anonymous

she's not involved

 in the city’s game

content to walk

a dark slant of rain


by the novel’s


stopped by no one

 she owns no fame …

in silence

she see 's things

hidden by night

back streets that are softened

in the absence of light

puddles reflecting

 her eyes tear bright …

her head is hooded

 for her rain-sodden flight …

one by one

 she paced each city street

lost in a grey maze

 she simply followed her feet

not pausing to wonder… rest …eat

not stopping at all

she had no- where to sleep

her feet kept on moving

but found

 no way out …

she thought dawn felt like

a distant and far off

promise  of day

a water logged sun

misty and grey

as weariness

and an unguarded step

 landed her

 in a heap

at some stranger’s  feet …

you poor wet fish

 the woman said

with a tired smile

you had better come home with me…

with exhaustion she followed

feeling like a wild creature

brought in from the rain

not knowing

how she got there

not feeling quite sane…

poor wet fish , the woman chuckled

humming a sweet tune with a folksy air

life's not always fair

 it’s your life young one

but it’s not always fair…

they feasted on soup in hot mugs

the woman let her sleep

until three

late afternoon found them

rising with shadows

silver fog misting in with the rain

the woman danced

 in rainbow socks

listening to Cat Stevens again

they snacked on bread and cheese

the woman told her

 she could stay if she pleased …

the offer kindly and wistfully  declined

I can't stay…

… I’m running out of time

the young woman shrugged at

the isolation of the girl

don't get lost, little fish

in this rough and tumble world

now come ,

I'll take you as far as I can go

for where you are heading

only you know

they parted… with a hug

out- skirts of the city,

a back drop of buildings

wet and gritty,

the young woman smiled

at innocent girl

 this is my home

go now child

while you’re still free to roam…

one wet night

in Melbourne

the gritty city

a slow-motion panorama

where no one knew

 her name

she was touched

 by a gift

 of friendship

and began to understand

the game;


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