Saturday, April 30, 2011

Iridescent Dream-Visions

Iridescent Dream-Visions

What was it woke me

in the wee hours of the dark

when lost souls walk gloom’s

formless silhouette

was it dream or pastlife or

some vague and half-forgotten memory

of a long-forgotten day

dredged up from mind’s shadow…

what manner these visions that

had no reason or rhyme…

I seemed to recall I felt

…vaporous… colorless… naked…in a thorny glade

where sleepy birds made no call…

where the night-wind murmured secrets

 in a whispered sigh

while a full moon hung

beclouded in the heavens,

mists that swirled on dampened earth

had me lost before I was found

down foggy passages I ran

overgrown with amputated limbs

skeletal arms… reaching… clutching… grasping

I came upon a pool of icy light

where cerulean-blue water

held iridescent fish, eyes blinking with untold wisdom

who waved with wet and glistening fin

for me to shed my clothes

and join them  in their watery prison…

I hesitated…

but the fish’s smile seemed welcoming

and their faces seemed well-known

as if they were old friends

lost in the brittle dust of pasts unremembered …

I stepped into water

that was as frigid as a glacial pond

felt overcome by a numbing sleepiness

a lullaby voice in siren song echoed…echoed…re-echoed…

I slipped into the waters cold embrace

and sank like a falling stone

and when I opened my weary water-logged eyes

I found dubious company…

the iridescent fish swam with me

and other beings to hazy to comprehend

creatures I had never seen

or never knew I knew…

and still they seemed vaguely familiar

I felt I should have known

as I sank for what seemed a long, long time

falling into the forever of distant

and long-forgotten past

I thought I would be sinking without end

cold and lost and alone…

suddenly I realized

the warped faces that I saw

symbolized all that I had yet to face

and all that came in the past …

with that sudden twisted understanding

my journey came to the end its of icy flight

waking me with a jolt

in the wee hours of a dream tossed dawn…


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