Friday, April 15, 2011

Lost in Layers

Chinese Proverb

Lost in Layers

I lost myself
in the art gallery
lost in layers
of tormented colour
lost in the voice
of a troubled youth…
utterly absorbed
in his emotions
emotions that came to life
GAVE life
to inanimate canvas…

I felt myself
drawn into his mind
his understanding of time
…his perception of this world
as pertains to him
in a voice I could not hear
his words came to me
as a roar too loud to ignore
strong and pain-filled and clear…
written words scrawled
in layers of
deafening colour ….
“died at 20…buried at 70”

his name is Cory
I have never met him
and probably never will
but the power
of this young man’s art
echoes in me still…

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