Friday, April 8, 2011

A Rain-Day

A Rain-Day

the rain
gently misting
on the old tin roof
in a soft fine shroud
like a new brides
virginal lace veil...
 the mornings ambience
seemed somehow
subdued and muted
sounds muffled and frail...
by midday
the sun appeared
in watercolor hues
patchy sky a denim-washed
blur of blue
and in that
brief interlude
when the rain did not intrude
I wandered out
into the day
I stumbled upon
an unexpected pleasure
bursting with
unexpected treasures...
waterfalls that gurgled
and tumbled over stones
winding paths
that meandered on
past flowerbeds
and wetland ponds...
I paused beneath
the spreading branches
of an unknown tree
taking shelter from
a sudden shower
sighing with breathless
for Mother natures beauty
and her power...


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