Sunday, April 3, 2011

This World Is Not My Friend

This World Is Not My Friend

I feel an aching loneliness in my soul tonight
…a sense of hovering anxiety
has risen with the pale moon’s light…

premonition lay a heavy hand on my heart
portents of foreboding  that have no end
crippled emotions… bruised and scarred
I felt alone in world that was not my friend…

I sat and watched the rain, thoughts flooding me
drowning me… drowning me…but not washing away
the hollow emptiness I felt this day…
an aching numbness seeped into my bones
…I don’t think I’ve ever felt this alone…

alone in realization….a silent epiphany
that this is a flawed existence
a cruel hoax – destiny….

…you may not understand me
my thoughts may be foreign to you
but tonight I felt portents of foreboding
 that have no end
and realized… this world… is not my friend;
21/3/2011 9:04 PM


  1. Hi Sharonlee! I followed your link from boomers. Your poetry has been so sad and dark lately. The loneliness really pours out of this one. Great writing!

    I left you a comment at boomers wondering what happened to all your blogs. Disreguard that. I can see that you have them here, and it would probably be easier for me to read them here, anyway.

    Take care :D

  2. Thank you so much Bluerose, for following my one else has... so this a pure delight to see you have visited here...thank you much...