Friday, April 1, 2011

Light of a Single Candle

Light of a Single Candle

I sit by candle light
..the night is late
and dark
no moon…no stars
street lights hazy
by persistent rain…

the single candle
my page
and a small corner
of the room…
in the far reaches
crowd in
as if in need of company
on this damp dark night…

my thoughts
have somewhat mellowed
… I chatted with a friend
in nights softened gloom
who spoke with gentle tone
of life and love and soul’s unease…
spoke of one’s inability
to change
what was not in their power
to change…
of acceptance
and nurturing
and moving on…

I soaked in these words of wisdom
…thinking long and deep
about life and love
and hopes and dreams…
the extremes
of human nature
the fragilities
of the human condition…

and as the single candle
burned low
confident of its role
and purpose
I pondered
on my own….
1/4/2011 11:25 PM

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