Friday, April 15, 2011


Chinese Proverb

open your eyes
unblock your ears
forget everything
you’ve ever been told
by media-mongrels
and partisan-politicians ….
even they don’t believe
 the crap that spews
from their own
deceiving tongues…
do you not know
 that each generation will reap
what the former generation
has sown…?

tarnished platitudes
and counterfeit smiles
narcissistic attitudes
and deceitful eyes
a blanketing of whispers
to hide their lies…
it’s bad enough
they lie to us
why perjure your own soul?

it’s impossible to miss the truth
all species that share this world
still face extinction…
troubled youths
still give up the fight
at the end of a rope…
babies still die
the aged ones cry
the disenfranchised wonder why…

is there no hope for redemption
for coexistence
for global peace
will my inner turmoil ever cease…
it’s not enough that I care
…what can I do to repair
a world swamped by despair….

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