Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Timeless Sorceress

The Timeless Sorceress

in the inner chambers of a long ago city
Members of the Guilds had gathered for a meeting
and as they took their seats and offered up there greetings
a gritty gust of wind swept through the open shutters
unsettling the paper work and other important matters
now as the dust cleared and the room grew bright
the Auspicious Members saw a wondrous sight
before them stood an angel, with aura shining clear
an exquisite looking angel showing no fear,
the Members of the Guild stood like slack-jawed sloth's
as they stared at this rare creature  dressed in color-changing cloth...

your eyes do not deceive you, the woman said
indeed, I stand before you in a color-changing dress
but I am not an Angel, nor am I dead
I come from the future and my heart is full of dread...

'where have you come from Lady, and what evil wind
brought you to this meeting, admit your sin!'

Evil wind ? oh that...that was no evil wind
I just wanted to be dramatic, there is no evil wind in me
just a matter of urgency I must discuss with thee...

...Why Are You Here, Make Your Intentions Clear...

very well, I have come from your futures
to urge you to reconsider the changes you make today
or else in your future existence you will certainly pay
for what you decide this day
will pave the way to chaos and depravity
that, in 150, years will destroy this thriving city...

we cannot be held responsible for 150 years hence today
why we wont even be alive then to pay...

your lineage still exists, so what of that
your families will suffer and great-children after then
if you don't act now, then when...when?

Madam one haughty high Lord said
I have no line is dead
I am too longer spry
what you speak of is nought but lies!

yes well, the Sorceress mused,
what of the sweet maid who sell You sweets
those candies that you favour
boiled sweets are not the only treat
you been known to savour...

what of it...I'm old...and far from bold
I say my line ends in me!

not so Guild Member for you see
twin boys will be born to thee
now see you treat their mother with dignity
for her heart will break into a thousand shards
when one dies from battling the creature that dwell
in the Valley of  Stonehard...

HA! there are no creature that be dwelling
in the Stonehard Vale, another lie you be tell
I can hear it well!

no lie I tell...for as yet no creature dwells but one day it will be so
and you have had your warning
for as long you experiment on creature and on man
the insanity of that place will be in your hands... speak of the Animal Sciences
how else are we to learn?

LEARN! Just what have you learnt already
that has not withered and died
what precious knowledge have you gained
while you mutilate and maim
BE WARNED...this madness it will spread
and come for those who caused this dread!

Urr...are there other issues you wish to bring to our attention
we are willing to listen to anything you should mention...

the Gladiator Games, the sorceress sighed...

But surely you must think them barbaric and cruel
we intend to end them, we're not complete fools...

be that as it may, if you end them today
the men will become fat and bored with no games to play
they'll fight in taverns and every alleyway
until crime is rife and here to stay...

What...What do you suggest we do

Trade the Gladiator Games for games of strength and will
with arrow and javelin and weight lifting skills...
you will find many who shine quite bright
and would suit the position of Homegaurd and knight ...

that sounds like a very sound idea,
is there anything more you wish to say Lady dear...

as a matter of fact there is, I would like to bring to your attention
 a minority that will prove their power still unless
you become their mentors...I  mention this because
for a time anyway, disenfranchised youths
overthrow your order in such way
to cause complete chaos and disarray...

what should we do with these disenfranchised youths...

please use your brains, don't be so uncouth
teach them you fools, about music and art
about poetry and legends and history too
teach them to be scholars like all of you
and pass down your knowledge whatever the  cost
and so others can learn from the mistakes you have lost...

one final point before I retire,
that empty allotment of the church fire
I understand that the women have asked
and every time you have had the matter passed
but these women, they want to grow food for their families
and herbs to heal their maladies
what harm would do and in fact you will see
a bountiful hive of activity...
I'm done...I am tired and in need of a rest
and you, Guild Members must do your best
to safe guard these people
in mind body and soul
and you will know true peace when you are old...

Dear Lady...what do you you return from whence you came?

No, said the Sorceress with a sad shake of her head
this was a one way journey...I cannot return
thou' deep in my heart for this I yearn...
I must stay in this place and dream alone
of loved ones I've left in that far off home
and I hope that some change in history
will take them back to a time
before  chaos ruled to ruin and stole our dignity;

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